This Service Contract is made and entered into by and between FirstMed-FMC Kft. [Hattyú u. 14, Budapest H-1015, Hungary], hereinafter referred to as “FirstMed“, and

The purchaser of this plan hereinafter referred to as “Plan Holder”.


FirstMed agrees to provide healthcare to the Plan Holder under the terms of the Premium Plan Child Membership.

  1. FirstMed declares that it is permitted to provide medical services required by the Hungarian National Public Health and Medical Officers Service. Additionally, as a medical service provider all physicians are covered by liability insurance.
  2. Plan Holder requests FirstMed to provide private, outpatient health services according to the list of individuals and the Premium Plan Child option listed below.  Plan coverage is described in Appendix 1 which forms an integral part of this contract:
  3. FirstMed is responsible for providing medical services based on the terms stated in the framework of this contract and will conduct business in the best interest of its patients.
  4. Plan Holder agrees to pay FirstMed for the services listed in the checkout total.
  5. Patients listed under section 2 will be responsible for the payments listed in Appendix 1 at the time of service and for any medical expenses incurred that are not covered by the terms of the Premium Plan that the member holds. FirstMed reserves the right to refuse non-urgent treatment or suspend patient privileges to any patient with an outstanding balance after written notification.
  6. Medical services are exempt from VAT as regulated by the Act of 1992, LXXIV, § 30th.
  7. Plan Holder and FirstMed agree that all medical information and business contract agreements are strictly confidential.
  8. This Agreement shall become effective on the date at which every party has signed this Agreement.
  9. This contract is valid from the day the purchase is made to 364 days later inclusive, or if the plan is being renewed it is valid for 364 days after the expiration of the previous plan.
  10. The patient is entitled to a refund from the plan if it has been canceled 6 months before the expiry date.
  11. This contract may not be modified, supplemented or amended, in any manner, except by a written agreement signed by both parties. Additionally, any complaints that may occur should be followed up and registered in writing.
  12. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Hungarian law.

Date: Day of purchase

Place: Budapest


Premium Plan child

Up to 2 visits per month for unrelated medical needs plus unlimited follow up visits as medically indicated by a FirstMed pediatrician for each medical need – Additional visits beyond the 2 per month will be billed at HUF 12,500 per visit. 

The Premium Plan Child includes the following on-site medical services

Primary Care: consultations with Pediatricians, Family Practitioners/GPs, Gynecologists

Specialist consultations: One occasion per plan year of each of the services – if medically indicated – with

Allergy Specialist/ Immunologist, Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist (over 5 years old), Radiologist, Orthopedist/Traumatologist, Ear, nose, throat specialist, Neurologist, Endocrinologist, Pediatric surgeon, Pulmonologist, Neonatologist, Hematologist

Should you need a specialist consultation, before making an appointment please enquire at our reception if they are in-house, or outside consultants. Outside consultants are not covered under the Premium Plan Child.

  1. Diagnostics:  if medically indicated – including on-site x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory tests
  2. One occasion per year of each of the services below: flu shot, dental check-up, physical therapy treatment,
  3. Nutritionist consultation
  4. Preventative exams: Well-child checks, school, and sport physical exam, travel consultation
    • FirstMed is not responsible for organizing appointments if the patient decides to pay at the place of service. However, we can still provide contact information from outside consultants or facilities. Plan holders are entitled to a 35% discount on selected outside medical consultations, exams, and surgeon fees organized and billed by FirstMed.
  5. Telemedicine consultation

Exclusions and additional charges

All medical services not mentioned above are not included in the price of the plan. The exclusions are not limited to the list below:

  1. After-hours outpatient visits require an additional charge of HUF 16,000 per visit.
  2. Hospital care
  3. Specialists: Gastroenterology, Urology, Nephrologists, Neurologist, Pulmonologist, Oncologists, Hematology, Child genetic, Psychiatrist, Psychologist.
  4. ENG/EMG diagnostics
  5. CT scan/MRI diagnostics
  6. Ambulance transportation and home visits
  7. Dental Care
  8. Medications, vaccinations and medical supplies (i.e. bandages, crutches, casts, and splint application, etc)
  9. Laser treatments and bone density screening
  10. Therapeutic massage
  11. Immunotherapy
  12. Conditions arising from drug abuse, alcoholism or sexually transmitted diseases
  13. Particular laboratory tests
  14. Allergy testing