Plans and Passes

Value Card

Value Card for Adults

HUF 28,000

Unlock significant savings on a comprehensive selection of FirstMed services with an annual membership! The Value Card offers a 35% discount or even better, making it a cost-effective choice for your healthcare needs. 

Access general medical care, specialist visits, and diagnostic examinations and more at a fraction of the original price.

Value Card for Children

HUF 28,000

Get big discounts on your child’s medical care at FirstMed! The Value Card allows a 35% discount or more on pediatric services, making it a smart choice for your child’s healthcare needs.

Access reduced prices on pediatric visits, specialists, and other services made just for kids, all available for a reasonable annual fee!

Annual Plans

Adult annual plans

Core Plan

HUF 280,000

Premium Plan

HUF 350,000

Elite Plan

HUF 565,000

Child annual plans

Premium Plan for Children

HUF 215,000

Elite Plan for Children

HUF 430,000

Prenatal and Newborn Plans

Prenatal Plan

HUF 849,000

FirstMed’s Prenatal Care is more than just health care. It is an important part of a healthy pregnancy and includes a careful selection of visits, physical examinations, laboratory tests, and ultrasounds.

First Year Plan

HUF 185,000

Combines all the necessary first-year routine health checks, keeps you on track with the Hungarian vaccination schedule, furthermore includes two sick-child pediatric visits and additional complementary tests and services.

Healthcare Services

Exams and Screenings

Health Maintenance Exam

HUF 159,900

HUF 103,935

You may not realize that you have a health problem until it’s advanced and more difficult to treat. Regular medical check-ups can detect diseases at an earlier stage when they are easier to treat and less likely to cause serious problems. 

Well Child Check

from HUF 42,000

Well-child check visits are indispensable to ensure your child’s robust health and timely development. Tailored to your child’s unique needs, our English-speaking doctors provide comprehensive checks, including:

Annual Gynecology Exam

from HUF 55,000

Includes a breast exam to check for lumps, skin changes, or nipple discharge.

A pelvic exam to check your vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, rectum, and pelvis, including your ovaries, for masses, growths or other abnormalities.

A Pap test to screen for cervical cancer.

Saturday Skin Screening

HUF 35,400

Dr. Varju, one of our most experienced doctors, can identify, treat, and remove problem areas on your skin. 

He can also determine whether or not these areas are serious and need more attention.

If there is enough time, he may use a hyfrecator to remove up to 5 small lesions or skin tags.

Driver's License Medical Exam

HUF 34,000

A 30-minute medical check with a doctor to discuss your health history and provide information necessary for getting a Hungarian driver’s license.

A specialist’s opinion may be required if you have any chronic illness. In such a case, please inquire before booking your exam. 

Special Orthopedy & Physical Therapy Offers

Saturday Orthopedic / Traumatology Care

HUF 39,000

Don’t let neck or joint pain (ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, shoulder) bother your everyday life or refrain you from your favorite activities! Plan a Saturday orthopedic visit to FirstMed and take advantage of our special offer.

5x60 min Physical Therapy Pass

HUF 99,000

5 x 60-minute individualized physical therapy sessions or consultations.

10x60 min Physical Therapy Pass

HUF 195,000

5 x 60-minute individualized physical therapy sessions or consultations.

STD Testing

STD Panel
PCR Test

HUF 59,900

STD Panel PCR Test can reveal these infections from relevant body fluid specimens:

Gonorrhea | Chlamydia | Genital herpes | HPV | Mycoplasma | Ureaplasma

Get tested 2 weeks after potential infection or earlier if you have any symptoms.

Test results available within 8 working days of your visit.

STD Panel
Quick Test

HUF 38,000

STD Panel Quick Test checks for the following sexually transmitted diseases from a blood sample:

Syphilis | HIV | Hepatitis B & C

It’s best to get tested first 2-3 weeks after potential infection. If necessary, repeat the testing a few weeks later.

Test results are available in 45 minutes or within a week.

STD Test

HUF 79,900

STD Test Combo Package includes both tests and checks for all common STDs at a discounted combined price.​

Get tested first 2-3 weeks after potential infection or earlier if you have any symptoms. If necessary, repeat the testing a few weeks later.

Results are available within 8 working days of your visit.

Influenza (Flu) Vaccination

Flu Vaccination for Adults and Children 16+

HUF 10,500

Flu shots are essential for people at any age to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It protects yourself and the people around you, reduces the risk of being infected, and minimizes the chance of severe complications caused by influenza viruses.

Prepay for flu vaccination here if there are no contraindications to vaccination. Our qualified nurse administers the flu shot.

Flu Vaccination for Children from 6 Months to 15 Years

Vaccination against flu is vital for babies and small children,  as they are at higher risk for severe complications. A pediatrician should check the child before getting vaccinated, which is included in the price. The first vaccination of children under 9 years old should be administered in two doses, four weeks apart, and each visit should be paid separately.