I consent to the SARS-CoV-2 test being performed. I also consent that my sample, my personal identification data and the data obtained from the test to be handled together in accordance with the requirements of the relevant data protection legislation.

I consent to the Data Controller sending the test result to the e-mail address provided by me in electronic form in the form of an encrypted document. I acknowledge that, in addition to the above security measures, the communication of data on the Internet involves risks over which the Data Controller has no influence. I accept the above risk.

I undertake to notify my GP about the test result and follow the instructions in accordance with the official epidemiological protocol in case of a positive result. I acknowledge that in case of a positive result, my data will be handled and transmitted in accordance with the legal obligation in accordance with the current valid EMMI manual, NNK procedure and WHO guideline. I acknowledge that the issuance and collection of sampling units will be performed and forwarded by WHITE COMPLET DENT PLUS Kft. & GYÓGYÍTÓ MAGYAROK Kft. To AVIDIN Research, Development and Trade Limited Liability Company in accordance with the data protection rules.

I acknowledge that detailed information on sample and data transmission can be found on the Sample Processor website (www.koronavirusteszt.net).

I acknowledge that in the absence of any data, the Sample Processor will not be able to perform the test. I acknowledge that the sample solution will be destroyed within 30 days.

I declare that I give my consent voluntarily, without influence, knowing that it may be revoked at any time, orally or in writing, without giving reasons.

By signing, I certify that I have read the Data Management Policy * of the Data Controller, I accept its content.

* The data management information is available in printed form from our colleagues and online at www.koronavirusteszt.net.

Aware of my criminal responsibility, I declare that the information provided above is true.